Charcoal drawings

Denny has had an affinity with picture making for some time now. Whether it’s photography, (digital) drawing or painting: Denny is passionate about it!
For about three years now, his emphasis has been on drawing. He calls himself an autodidact and learns mainly by looking at other artists.

Portraits, made with charcoal. It may sound a bit dusty, but I have found my passion in it; charcoal is a versatile product and doesn’t give me any restrictions to put on paper what I want, this makes me develop my skills and style all the time’. Denny said.

His work is always realistic in design, with sometimes some abstract elements. In his work Denny always tries to play with light elements and seeks out contrasts. He mainly draws portraits. The person is central, and there are never any elements in the background that distract from the portrait.

Denny recently had a publication in British Vogue, after which there was soon more attention for his work. This resulted in a collaboration with a chain of galleries that has enabled him to exhibit in Paris, Amsterdam, Bordeaux and New York.

Denny Stoekenbroek

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