This 1970s BWC chronograph is still in perfect condition and has probably never been worn.
With a watch case of 37mm ideal to wear.

The watch is delivered with full watch service.

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Reference number nvt
Serial number nvt
Case dimensions 37mm
Movement Valjoux 7733
Warranty 1 year
The Buttes Watch Company (BWC) was founded in 1924 by Mr Arthur Charlet, in his hometown Buttes (Canton of Neuch√Ętel). The "Val de Travers", an aesthetically high valley in Switzerland near the French border, is known to watchmakers in the 18th century. After the economic crisis of 1923, which also had a major impact in Switzerland, he founded the courage to play a pioneering role as a watchmaker. From that time on, the BWC-Switzerland was the only used trademark in Europe and in English-speaking countries. It is also registered as a worldwide trademark. The company started with the production of all different kinds of pocket watches. The first markets were initially launched in Germany and then extended to England, Spain, Poland and Hungary. Sales areas were later opened to the most important trading countries in Europe at that time, such as Greece and Turkey. The most important overseas markets were the US, Cuba and Canada. Mr. Arthur Charlet's son-in-law, Mr. Edwin Volkart, took over the company in 1953 and continues to run the company with great enthusiasm. BWC Switzerland quickly realized the state-of-the-art in watch technology. In 1967, electromechanical watches were also part of their watch collection. Thus, in 1972 the BWC collection was already equipped with the first quartz digital display and in 1975 the first fully developed quartz analogue watch. Due to the lack of skilled workers in the "Val de Travers" valley and the change of ownership in 1991, the company had to move the factory to the canton of Solothurn. All commercial activities of the BWC Fabrique d'Horlogerie SA / Bienne have since been transferred to Reek GmbH in Pforzheim, Germany. In the course of the reorganization in 1999, BWC Switzerland was integrated into the newly founded Maddox AG in Pforzheim, Germany. In the year 2000, the 75th birthday watch designed by Mr. Alexander Schnell-Waltenberger from Pforzheim won the Good Design Award. This award, one of the oldest and most significant awards for industrial design in the United States, was presented to BWC Switzerland in Chicago. In 2003, Starck-Watches took over responsibility for BWC Switzerland in Pforzheim, Germany. With the timely presentation at Baselworld 2004, the innovative marketing concept and new product range was presented with even more success than before. Starck-Watches' many years of international experience in this field guarantees further success and expansion of the markets for BWC-Swiss. In 2009 the BWC celebrates its 85th anniversary. 85 years of uninterrupted history, in which the BWC has built an excellent reputation among retailers, watchmakers and specialists.  

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