Eysink Watches Open Balance Black


Beautiful and elegant timeless automatic watch. Due to the open-worked dial, part of the balance is visible.
And to top it all off, a real American alligator strap. Only the best, most beautiful part of the leather, the back, is used for the straps.
They are available in five different colours.

The Eysink watches are made in the Netherlands and have a Swiss movement.

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Movement Soprod A10.BV
without crown 42 mm
lug width 20 mm
To make your own watch, you have to take your time. That's what Tom Douben, Richard Bex and Arjen Heinen discovered. The trio saw the fulfilment of their childhood dream come true with the first examples of their own line of Eysink watches in 2015. On the top floor of a house in Grathem in Central Limburg it is clear how serious the plans of the three men are. The cozy room is protected by a steel door. The room is full of seconds, minutes and hour hands, cases, clocks and other related watch parts. It is the workplace of Richard Bex who has worked in the Swiss watch industry for many years. He used his expertise in putting together the beautiful Eysink watches. Having your own watch brand... It sounds more like something James Bond would have for his secret missions. For Arjen, Richard and Tom, it was like a dream come true. The trio shares a love for the mechanisms that make watches work and the associated techniques. Two years earlier, after a visit to the jewelry market in Basel, they decided to continue with the fulfilment of their dream to design their own watch brand. They immediately had a clear image in mind: stylish watches for gentlemen who could appreciate quality and technology and would be willing to pay for it. Moreover, the watches had to have a Dutch taste in design, functions and character. The trio decided to divide the timepiece into different pieces and to ensure that every facet would be of the highest quality. Tom said: "We approached each piece separately and decided to start with the inner workings of the watch. The gears come from a Swiss company known for the quality products it produces for different watch brands. ” Choosing the parts and assembling them became quite a journey through the watch industry, mainly concentrated in Switzerland. The Swiss watch industry is not open to everyone who wants to make watches. When they saw the real passion of the three Dutch people, they opened their doors and were willing to share their secrets with the Eysink watchmakers. Richard, Arjen and Tom glow with pride when they talk about the unique features of the watches: the alligator skin wristband; the casing; the hours, minutes and seconds hands; everything has been carefully thought out. Arjen says: "The final product is actually just like the sketches we started two years ago. It required a lot of travelling to Basel and the surrounding area, but now that I'm wearing the watch, it's definitely worth it. "Each Eysink watch collection is produced in a limited number.    

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