PLOKK 3D printed pendulum clock station


Mechanical 3D pendulum clock driven by weight

PLOKK uses SLS printing. A technique in which Nylon in powder form is melted down layer by layer with a laser.
SLS 3D printing is High Tech and the application in a watch is unique. Every part of Plokk has been accurately developed to the possibilities of contemporary 3D printing.
The movement is simple to assemble. You can even order each part separately. Handy in case a part gets lost or damaged.

As driving weight you need a bottle of wine of 750 ml or you can order a transparent wine bottle of € 35.- or a brass weight of € 85.-.
As pendulum weight you need 4 coins of € 0.50.

Available in pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and black.

Colours may differ from reality.

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Movement Caliber 1
Diameter 26.5cm
Suspension height 1.80m
Running time 28 uur

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